Help with vintage sweater pattern's shoulder shaping

Hi everyone! I’m working on a vintage sweater pattern and I’m having some trouble understanding the shoulder shaping section of it. And I was wondering if anyone could help me decipher it?

The sweater is knitted flat and up until this point there has been no shaping but for the armholes where 14 sts were left on a stitch holder on each end. There are 93 sts total on the needles getting worked. And then the pattern says:
.Screenshot 2023-11-06 123245

I’m not sure what are the next 6 rows because the following instructions are:
.Screenshot 2023-11-06 123409

I’m trying to do the math but it’s not working. Up until “The Neckband” I am completely lost.
I’d really appreciate any help and explanations on how I can proceed .

Welcome to KnittingHelp!
What is the name of your pattern and the designer or source?
For the Back, once you have worked 22rows, cast off 10sts at the beginning of the next 6 rows. That’ll be 10sts x 3 on the left shoulder and 10sts x 3 on the right shoulder leaving you with 33sts for the back neck.
For the Front, work the same as the back up to the point where the light wool is broken off, the double star **,
The directions for the front neck begin at the pink arrow. You’ll be working one shoulder at a time beginning with the left shoulder (left as you would wear the top). The left shoulder is eventually shaped to match the back with 3 sets of 10sts bound off.
The center 17sts are placed on a holder and then the right shoulder is worked.

Thank you so, so much for your explanation! I feel so relieved! I’d been so confused for days trying to figure this out. So just to make sure I’m understanding the back part right, after I finish my 22 rows, I will knit another 6 rows in st st where I cast off 10 sts at the beginning of each of those rows.
And I just now understand how the front part’s shaping works! Thank you so much again for your help! :pray: :pray:

The name of the pattern is “Lady’s Norwegian Sweater”. It was printed by Harrap Bros (Sirdar Wools), though I’m not sure who the designer is. I bought it off of Etsy and according to the seller it’s from the 1940s.

Yes, that’s it exactly. Have fun finishing up the back and working the rest of the sweater!

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Thank you so much :’) :pray: