Help with vintage pattern

I want to make the Women’s Open Palm Mittens, found here:

I plan to use only one color (two at most). Can someone suggest a nice yarn to use? I’d like to use something durable, but soft and fairly easy to care for as I’m sure they’ll be seeing at least some snow (even if just when I clean off my windshield this winter!)

Thanks for the help!

I’ve knit this pattern several times (it’s a very popular gift!). I’ve used Lionbrand’s Wool-ease with a very tight gauge-- the pattern calls for 6 sts = 1", and Wool-ease is really more of a worsted. But that way the mitts are very warm and “solid”. A DK weight (which is a light worsted or sports weight) is really what’s called for.

And just so you know, the directions work perfectly-- just follow them exactly and they’ll be great!

Thanks for info! I don’t really have any worsted on hand that I’m excited about, but I do have a nice sport weight I was thinking of using. I think I’ll start with that and see how they work up. I’ll probably end up knitting two pair - I’ll pick up some Wool-Ease soon. Do you use the size 4 needles with the worsted weight?

More like a 2, but I always have to go down a couple of needle sizes to get gauge. Just be sure to make a gauge swatch, and you’ll be fine. The sports weight you’re talking about sounds perfect.

Hi! I’m getting ready to start the Open Palm Mittens and I have a couple of questions about the pattern (I’ll include the link for the pattern at the end if anyone can help!)

First, I’m having a hard time understanding this part of the pattern (I’ll underline the part I’m confused about):

2nd inc. round–Inc. 1 st in first st, k2, inc. 1 st in next st, k to end of round; 7 sts in thumb gore. K 2 rounds even. [U]Continue to inc. 1 st each side of thumb gore every 3rd round having 2 more sts between incs. after each successive inc. round until there are 15 sts in thumb gore; 54 sts.[/U] K 2 rounds even. Slip 15 thumb sts to strand of yarn. Cast on 3 sts, mark for end of round; 42 sts. Place first 10 sts on first needle, next 10 sts on 2nd needle, and remaining 22 sts on 3rd needle for palm. K 10 rounds even.

(Is that underlined part wordy, or am I just trying too hard to understand the directions?)

Next question:
Dividing round–K 20 sts, leave on needles for back of hand; bind off next 22 sts in ribbing. [U]Fasten ff.[/U]

(What is ‘ff’?)

The pattern can be found here:

Thanks for the help!:knitting:

I think that the FF may be a typo. I bet it is fasten off.

I just pulled out my original copy-- yes, that’s a typo and should be “fasten off”.
As for the thumb increases, here’s a translation:

  1. In the first round where you increase for the thumb, you inc 1 in the first st [that’s 2 sts], knit 1 [another 1 st] and then inc 1 in the next st [and that’s also 2 sts]. That’s a total of 5 sts you now have for what is going to be your thumb. Then you keep knitting for the rest of that round.
  2. Now you knit 2 more rounds, just plain knitting, nothing special.
  3. For the next round, which they call the “2nd increase rnd”, you inc. 1 st in the first st [thats 2 sts], then K [B]3[/B] [that’s 3 sts], then inc. 1 st in the next st [that’s 2 more sts], for a total of 7 sts in your thumb section, and then knit to the end of the round. THAT 3 I PUT IN BOLD IS ANOTHER ONE OF THEIR TYPOS-- it should be a 3, but they wrote "2"
    Then, again,knit 2 more rounds plain, without doing anything special.

You’re going to keep doing this, that is inc 1 in the first st, knit some sts in between-- each time being 2 more than the previous time-- and then inc 1 in the next st, until there are 15 sts in that thumb section. To make it even clearer: in the last increase round for this thumb section, you will inc 1 in first st, knit 11, then inc 1 in the next st. This will be 15. You will have a total of 54 sts.

As I said, I have the original from my grandmother, so don’t hesitate to ask away. It seems that the copiers weren’t completely careful!

Duh! I didn’t even think about a typo! I was racking my brain trying to think what ‘ff’ could be abbreviating!

I’m only going with one color for my first pair. I’m a little confused because I tried to ‘re-write’ the pattern, without the color changes, and I think I may have messed it up. I’ve decided I’m just going to start and not worry about the entire pattern, but just follow one step at a time. It will probably be fine, right???

Yup, it’ll be fine. Just ignore the color changes. I make them in 1 color all the time.

I’m having a lot of trouble casting on the 3 stitches it calls for in the 2nd increase round. I keep doing the ‘knitted cast on’ but what’s happening is that I can’t get it tight enough, and I have a large gap. Any suggestions?

Hm-- not exactly sure where you mean. 2nd increase rnd?. . .Do you mean:
". . .until there are 15 sts in thumb gore; 54 sts. K 2 rnds even. Slip 15 thumb sts to strand of yarn. [B][I][U]Cast on 3 sts[/U][/I][/B], mark for end of round; 42 sts."?

If so–
You had 54 sts on your 3 needles. You took off 15 of them to set aside for the future thumb. That left 39 sts on your 3 needles. You ended the last round you knitted, at the end of the round. What I would do is before casting on those 3 sts, is to place the first 10 sts on the first needle, the next 10 sts on the 2nd needle, and then the last 19 sts on the 3rd needle. THEN cast on 3 sts at the end of that needle by using the “single cast on/backward loop cast on” which is in a video on this site.
You are now going to work 10 rnds even. When you join to begin these 10 rnds, just pull very tightly, to try to close the gap. If when you come around again at the end of the first of the 10 rnds and you have a piece of yarn which is in the gap and too long, what I do is loop that little piece around the needle and then knit it with the first st of the next round. That should tighten it up.

By the way, when you go to pick up those 3 sts when you start to knit the thumb (“slip the 15 thumb sts to 2 needles, with A and free needle pick up and K 3 sts on the cast-on sts; 18 sts.”-- that should be K 3 sts FROM or IN the cast-on sts), I always pick up a couple of extra and then knit them in the next round as a k 2 tog. That just closes up the little hole you’ll often get when knitting the thumb in mittens.

Yep, that’s exactly what I mean! You are a savior! Thanks!!!

Any time!:hug: