Help with vintage pattern

this is the pattern
I’ve reached the part that reads: increasing on the last row to 73 stitches.
and I’m confused how to increase. I understand that 1x1 ribbing increase should be double increase, but as I have to increase 9 in one row I don’t know how.

Also the front as I read in the pattern should last ~ 170 ish rows, but the chart for the fair isle knit last only 149 rows and the picture although very blurry seems to fit perfectly to the chart’s rows? what can I do about it? I have calculate it quite a few times and I don’t see where I might have miscalculated.

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I can answer the first question: just increase 9 times at roughly even intervals.

You can calculate how to distribute the increases here:

Use whichever increase you like (maybe not kfb because it leaves a purl bump).


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Thanks for the link to the knitting calculator, kushami. Yes, the pattern is going to change from rib to stockinette so you don’t have to be concerned about keeping the 1x1 ribbing in pattern.

On the row count, did you count the repeat section (about 14 rows) 6 times? I roughly counted about 150-160 rows in the chart but that’s far from precise. If your row gauge doesn’t match the original designer’s (I don’t see a row gauge in the pattern.) then you can repeat another section of the chart until you have the desired length. Pick a favorite motif to fill in the extra rows.

These vintage patterns are different enough from today’s to be a bit of a challenge.