Help with Vines and Bobbles pattern

hii there! i went to the library and this week and checked out Vogue KNittting stitchionary vol1 knit and purl. i’ve been trying out a couple of patterns in the book to see what i like. Vines and Bobbles look cute. so i casted on and i got stuck. pg. 105 for those who have the book. the pattern says

(cast on a multiple of 12 sts plus 1; multiple of 16 sts after Row 1)

Row 1 (RS): *K5, yo, k1, yo, k3, k2tog; rep from * to end.

so i cast on 13 sts just to try it out. i follow row 1 and i’m left with 2 sts. i’m confused.:?? can someone walk me through this?

thanks in advance.:heart:

Hmm. Yep, a dilemma.

You are right. If you cast on as they say, you should be good. But yes, you would be left with 2 sts at the end.

That’s because the directions for row 1 leave you with 13 sts after! you finish the row. Not before.

I’d keep on with the pattern and drop the 2 other sts. If it comes out looking like it should, then you know that the pattern is, uh, typo’d, we’ll say. Hey, it happens. And when it does happen, it can surely mess up the knitter’s head!

If the pattern doesn’t look right, then rethink the whole thing. Like, either choose another pattern or try and contact Vogue and request clarification. Most pattern creators are willing to help iron out issues just like yours.


This has had me stumped as well.

Found a link that MIGHT help…"vines+and+bobbles"+knit+stitch&hl=en&ct=clnk&cd=1&gl=us

The Stitchionary Errata page has been updated to show you cast on a multiple of 11 stitches.