help with using different yarn

I am making this:

It is so easy I am going to make more than one. I will be changing yarns to Bernat Softee Chunky and I need to get some advice and tips on what, if anything to change. I see that the needles will be the same but can you tell me if I should change the CO stitches or anything else? The yarns look identical to me. The yarn that was in the kit is Merino chunky wool. I am attaching screen shots. Thanks.

The gauge is a little different, but for a cowl I’m not sure it’ll make much difference since a little bigger or smaller it would be fine. If you find after knitting a few rows that it’s too loose go down a needle size. Too tight go up a needle size. Non fitted garments are much easier to fudge a bit.

Thanks, Jan. That’s what I thought, just wanted to see what you thought. :slight_smile: