Help with Unpicking P1 K1B please!

Hi, I am starting a sweater with a simple (so I thought!) purl 1 knit 1 below pattern. This is fine, but I am still a novice knitter and make occasional mistakes which normally I could un-knit and correct. However, unpicking this particular stitch has me stymied. So currently every time I make a mistake I have to unravel completely and start again! Which means in 1 week I am now restarting the sweater from cast on for the 3rd time! There has to be a better way! So if you know what it is, please share!

This sounds like fisherman’s rib which is beautiful but difficult to un-knit (tink). The easiest way to work this is to use multiple lifelines. Put a lifeline into the current row on the needles, work some number of rows, check for mistakes and insert another lifeline. That way you can always rip back to the most recent lifeline rather than back to the cast on.

Here’s a video for fixing fisherman’s rib by laddering down or ripping out to the problem row.


I am really bad at laddering down and bringing a stitch back up… just stopped by to say if you have a crochet hook a size or two smaller than the needles you are working with, it is a much easier way to grab the stitches through the loops.

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