Help With Understanding this Pattern

Hello, I am new to these forums and I hope that I am posting this on the right board. A friend of mine is getting married soon and she bought me a pattern (at the last minute) for some cute flats that she wants me to knit her to wear at the reception. Unfortunately, I have come to a point in the pattern that I cannot make sense of and I need to figure it out immediately. I will be going out of town at the end of the week and will not be back in time for the wedding, so if you can give me any help, it would be greatly appreciated.

The first part of the pattern was to knit the sole of the slipper, starting with the heel and ending with the toes. The stitches for the last row were put onto a stitch holder rather then binding them off.

The next part of the pattern, which is for the upper part of the slipper, is where I am confused. The directions are:

"Rnd 1- pick up sts from the edges of sole:
Beginning with center of heel (the cast on edge) pick up and knit 2 sts from heel, 37 sts from edge of sole (one for each ridge) and 3 sts from held toe sts ending at center of toe.

Continuing with other circ needle, k3 rem toe sts, pick up and knit 37 sts along remaining side, k2 sts at heel, ending at center heel. The beginning of the round is at the center heel. Ballet flat uppers are worked in the round on two circ needles using St st."

The last sentence is the only one I understand. If anyone can explain to me what the rest means, it would be a tremendous help! I hope that this is enough information to go on. This is not a free pattern so I do not feel comfortable posting it all on here. Thanks!

Hi and welcome to Knitting Help! Thanks so much for not posting the entire pattern. It’s very much appreciated.
Basically, you’re going to pick up sts around the sole and continue the pattern up the sides. There’s a video here for picking up sts and another for working with two circular needles that may help
The pattern wants you to pick up sts starting at the heel and continuing along the side and then some of the sts that are held out for the toe onto one circular needle. Then with the second circular, knit some of the remaining toe sts, pick up along the other side and finally pick up sts at the cast on edge (the heel). Then you can start the stockinette st on the 2 circulars.

Please post a photo when you’re done.

Thank you solmonmac! I understand what I need to do more clearly now. Those videos helped a lot.

I will try to remember to post a picture.