Help with understanding this pattern!

[B]Increase Row #1 - Evenly inc 56 sts:
M: [k1, m1] 2 times, [k2, m1] 53 times,
k1, m1, k1.

Total sts: 166[/B]
OK…Did this and this part is OK[B]

Work 15 rows in St st, ending with a WS row.
Increase Row #2 – Evenly inc 64 sts:

[/B]Where is Increase Row #2? Is Row 2 within the 15 rows that [B]I[/B]'m doingin the St st or do I complete the 15 rows St st and then do an increase row that would be Increase Row # 2??[B]
Thank you!!


I would interpret that to mean you do the 15 rows of St st ending on a WS row and the next row is the inc row. It will be a right side row.

Yes, you do inc row 2 [I]after[/I] you work the 15 rows.

[COLOR=“DarkOrchid”]Thank you everyone! That is what I thought, but I have re-started this pattern so many times that I think the first part I can do in my sleep…LOL…Just wanted to be sure I was right!![/COLOR]