Help with understanding Rowan knitting pattern

I am having trouble understanding the instruction on a Rowan pattern, if anyone can please help me I would appreciate it @Tatty

Shape armholes
Next row (RS): k2 kfb, k to last 4 sts, kfb, k3. I HAVE COMPLETED THIS ROW
This row sets armhole increases


Inc 1 st at set at each end of 2nd and 3 fall 4th rows.
123 {133:147:161:177} sts. I AM KNITTING THE 3RD SIZE (147) sts

With thanks

sorry typo

fall = foll

Welcome to KH!
Call the next row, row one.
Increase at each end of rows 2,6,10 and 14. For your size there should be 147sts after the increases are made.
What is the name of your pattern?

Hi, Thank you. I was really unsure, that is a great help.
Ok so just to clarify that means I will only be increasing on RS?

BOOK - ROWAN Loves kidsilk haze & felted tweed
PATTERN - gemma kidsilk haze

If the even number rows are RS rows then yes, you’ll only be increasing on RS rows.

Actually for many patterns if you strongly prefer shaping on RS rows you can add in an extra row to change WS to RS increases or decreases.