Help with understanding pattern

I am knitting a baby sweater with ragland sleeves. The instructions say"At the end of the last increase row, cast onto the right tip of the needle 7 sts and joing the work into a round, being careful not to twist the work.

How do I cast on the 7 stitches on the right needle without making a large gap of yarn which would connect the two needles. I’m confused how to cast on 7 stitches on the right need and all the other stitches are on the left needle. I am knitting with circular needles.

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You can use the backward loop CO, or move the R needle to your left hand and use a knit or cable CO. Then put the needle back in the right hand and knit the next stitch on the left needle to join them.

If you decide to use the backward loop CO, here’s some information to help you make your cast on good and tight (loose stitches is a common problem with this cast on method).

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