Help with understanding pattern instructions


I’m about to pick up the needles again after a break of almost two years:) I’ve got a pattern by Sirdar for a Jacket (pattern number 9170 I think). Most of it is straight forward, however it has this below which has confused me a little…

using D working in st-st(throughout) work 24 rows more
Cast off loosely
Using A work 7 of Square 1
Using B work 8 of Square 1
Using C work 10 of Square 1
Using D work 6 of Square 1

Now I understand the first two rows(!) but the next four rows have me a little confused. To start with, how do I ‘work them’? Do I have to pick up and knit from the cast off or something else?? And do I continue in st-st or just plain knit?

Any help would be great!

Those aren’t ‘rows’ but sections with different colors. Work means to knit or purl according to the pattern. I don’t know if it means to do 7 rows of square 1 in color A or make 7 sqare 1s with color A. Looking at the picture can sometimes help you figure it out. You can post the instructions for square 1 and that may help us.

It’s kind of hard to know what this means without seeing the rest of the pattern, but having looked at the picture of this jacket, I would have to guess that you make more squares using different colors and then stitch them together later.

If you could provide a link to the pattern, or read through the instructions to see if there is a section towards the end perhaps for how to assemble. It might say there to stitch the squares together in a certain way. Or maybe in the beginning of the pattern is might say that some of the jacket is knit all together, and then squares are made individually and stitched together at the end.

Hard to know without seeing the pattern, but hope this helps. Maybe someone else has seen this one and can provide more info.


Suzeeq, thankyou, it means to do seven square ‘1’s’ using A

The full pattern for square A reads
cast on 16sts loosely
1st row knit
2nd row purl
these 2 rows will now be referred to as st-st
working in st-st (throughout) work 24 rows more.
Cast off loosely
Using A, work 7 of square 1
Using B work 8 of Square 1
Using C work 10 of square 1
Using D work 6 of square 1

Yes, on the pattern there is a diagram of how to put the squares together in the correct order. I hadn’t read the full pattern correctly as there are only instructions for 4 squares, but the jacket is made up of 60 squares altogether. If I’d read more closely I would have seen I didn’t have instructions for 60 squares!

Thankfully too, the lady where I got the pattern and wool is going to put me in touch with someone who can sew it all together when I finish otherwise I wouldn’t have touched it with a 10ft pole!