Help with understanding a pattern

I need a little help with understanding a pattern, web-site is… I do not get row 1, can some one help me with this, k

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When you go to knit instead of just looping the yarn once you will do this twice… so you will create 2 sts through that one st… :happydance:

thanks for the reply, But I have 5 or 6 strands of yarn and Iam suppose to “wrap” all of them on the needle and then knit one sts??

I’m pretty sure that you should use all of your strands if you are using a thick needle like the size #35 which is suggested in the pattern. The thicker your needle is, the thicker the yarn should be (or the more strands of yarn you should use) to make something that looks more or less normal. If you knit with a size #35 needle and one strand of yarn your project would come out looking a little odd!

Good luck!

If you are knitting with 5 or 6 strands held together throughout, then every stitch you make will be done with all of the strands. So in the case of row 1 you will knit each stitch wrapping the yarn around the needle twice with all of your strands held together. It will double your stitch count by the end of the row, but then if you see the row 2 instructions you will be dropping each of those ‘extra’ wraps off the needle completely and you will be back to your original stitch count by the end of row 2.