Help with understanding a pattern please - Solved 👍🏻

Hi, I am knitting a lacy short sleeved cardigan and just started the back but whilst I understand what the pattern sequence is I don’t understand the instructions for the back when it says ‘work in pattern sequence positioning stitches for Pattern B as follows (until the end of the sentence that says 84 rows). I just can’t get my head around what it means. I have attached a copy of the bit of the pattern and the image of the garment. Any help please?!

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Welcome to the forum!
The directions you’re asking about are telling you to work the first stitch, where to start working the lace pattern B, how many times to repeat it across the row and then what to do with the last stitch.
In the first row and then the following rows you’ll be repeating the lace pattern however many times for your size, 1st row of lace on row 1, 2nd row of lace on row 2 and so on.

Perfect, thank you so much! :innocent: