Help with Two Old Bags pattern

Thank you so much for this wonderful website. It got me through my first project (what was supposed to be a scarf for my daughter and turned into a blanket for her stuffed animals instead). Now I’m trying to knit a project bag from Two Old Bags. I was doing just fine until I got to the part of the pattern that says I should do a pick up round and go all around the edges of the rectangular piece I’ve knitted so far…now I’m utterly confused. Because the side I’m supposed to knit next isn’t on the needles…it’s the short side of the rectangle. Do I slip it onto the needles first and then knit? Any thoughts?

Maybe I should just stick to something easier for a while! I have quickly become addicted to knitting…am finding it wakes me up better than coffee does (though coffee’s an essential item too!).


What you need to do now is pick up stitches around the non-knit edges.

Amy has video on picking up stitches [(]here]([

So you’ll pick up stitches down the short end, across the bottom and up the other short end with your circular needle and then you can start knitting the sides of the bag in the round. It may be awkward for the first few rows, but it will get much, much easier.

I messed up on my last post–let’s try again.

What you are going to do is pick up stitches down the short side, across the bottom and up the other short side.

Amy has video in the Basic Techniques More section (scroll down) for picking up stitches.

It will be awkward at first, but once you start knitting in the round, it will be a breeze.

As Ingrid has said, watch Amy’s video on picking up stitches, it is a little confusing at first but just takes a little perseverance.

Basically you have to creat new ‘live’ stitches to knit from where there is just an edge at the moment.once you have created these new live stitches you can knit from them as normal. good luck.

I can highly recommend that video as ‘reading’ the explanation had never quite made sense to me before…as I watched I thought…“ THAT’s what you do” and then I did it on a bag myself and it seemed superbly simple. Obviously you will be bringing your bag into a round (so to speak).

Just a question for Ingrid however, bjuettner said “all edges” so would she do all four and in a way it’s like gathering up the piece of knitting rather like a parachute?

I haven’t made the bag, but I made the assumption that one of the long ends would still be on the needle from making the bottom. If not, then all 4 sides should be picked up.