Help with twisted yarn

I’ve noticed that unless I’m knitting with wool I have to keep unraveling the yarn as I work or else it’ll be too twisted up to continue. I don’t knit tightly so I don’t know what the problem is. Is this a common thing? Is there anything I can do to prevent this?

I’m not entirely sure why it happens, but it seems to be related to the tension between the knitting and the skein/ball of yarn. I knit conti, and I used to wrap the yarn around my pinkie and over my forefinger. I’ve had to lose the pinkie-wrap because it was causing the yarn to twist something awful. It still twists a little sometimes, but not nearly as much.

I’ve also noticed that the more plies a yarn has, the worse it tends to twist.

You’re not alone! :heart:

I used to have terrible problems with yarn twisting. I still do sometimes, it definitely depends on what type of yarn it is (sock yarn tends to be the worst for me, I don’t know why :thinking: ) but I experimented with how I hold the yarn and that seemed to help the most once I figured out a good way for me, also I find that knitting from a center pull ball works better than knitting from the outside of a ball.

I have this problem too! I have to periodically rotate my yarn ball a bunch of times in the opposite direction to relieve twist. But I find that if I’m doing equal amounts of knit and purl, I don’t have this problem- I guess they cancel each other out with twisting. I think using a center-pull yarn might help, but I am impared on finding that end… :??

This almost never happens to me. I’m not sure why. Here’s my facts:

I’m a conti knitter. I almost always use a center pull ball. If it’s not a cp, then I take it to LYS and wind it there for free. ( I LOVE my LYS!! I wonder if they realize that I may very well give them my first born… tee hee).

So, I guess I’m not much help, other than to second the point that using a center pull ball could help.

Hope you figure it out, that sounds sooooooo annoying!

My 2cents… I only have twisty problem when i have used the yarn from the outside of a skein. Many times I have trouble finding the end of a center pull ball, but if I pull a clog from the middle, I dig and hope I don’t tangle the yarn barf up! :rofling:
I offer a vote of confidence in pulling from the center :thumbsup: