Help with turning pinwheel pattern into spiral tube shape?

Does that make sense?
i have been desperately trying to find a way to make a one piece bag.
i tried an envelope type bag using the magic cast on method, but find its not so "different"
i tried altering the cast on, but it looked funny so got scrapped.
i am trying to do a circular bag now, starting with a basic pinwheel for the bottom, but want to make it into a “tube” of sorts for the bag’s body.

i started w/ a 5 st cast on, so have 10 pinwheel panels. my last increase round in the pinwheel was yo, k9, around followed by a full round of k. For the next round i tried yo, k2tog, k8, around, but it left the open st for the yo too open, and it looked funny. is there a place in the 9 sts that will be knit that i can put the k2tog w/out it looking wonky? or is there another st i can use to keep the yo and open st, but not make it increase?


You could try k2tog, YO, k8 to see if that makes the open stitch smaller, or use ssk, yo/yo, ssk. Other way: knit the YO tbl on the next round; wrap the YO the opposite direction which can make them smaller; or do a M1 by picking up the strand between sts, but knit it without the twist - knit it regular.