Help with turning heel

I am knitting beginner socks:
I’m at the stage of shape the heel part and row 1 says:
P13, pstog, p1, turn. Where I’m confused is where it says to turn. I still have 4 sts on my needle. Do I turn it over anyways even with the 4 sts still left from row 1?

Thank you :knitting:

Yes, turn. You’re working short rows.
What pattern are you using. Maybe we can find a video for that heel.

Thank you! I’m knitting
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"A simple knitted sock pattern for beginners"

Thanks for the link. I see you’re doing a top down heel flap. Try this video, the flap was knit in the heel stitch pattern so you can see what it looks like.

Thank you! I just watched the video and that’s exactly what I need to do! You are amazing! Thanks Gramma :slight_smile:

:aww: Thank you. You’re welcome; I’m glad I could help.

amazing. wow. i’m amazing.

Thank you!

well you ARE :wink:

Careful there, kiddo, or my new hat by a brand new pattern won’t fit anymore.

Thank you.

Hi there, I am at a very difficult stage now and I’m so lost. What a disappointment, I can’t understand at all all what to do and there’s no way anyone will be able to explain it. Too many picking up stiches and where to knit what. Grrrr! Thanks again for all your help! Think I’ll just try tube socks; alot easier maybe. Thanks again Gramma!

Wait. You can do this. Take it step by step. See if this video helps (see especially at the halfway point). It’ll show you where to pick up the sts and if it’s not exactly the same as your directions, it’ll be close. You’ve gotten through the hardest part already.

Hi, I didn’t know you responded. Thank you! The video looks like my sock! I will give it a try and let you know. Thanks for your support!