Help with turning a heel

Hi there,

Currently a bit stuck, knitting a sock with two regular needles and reading turning the heel pattern is not going too well…

I have 26 stitches
1st row: k14, s1, k1, Paso, k1, turn
2nd row: P4, p2tog, P1, turn
3rd row: k5, s1, k1, Paso, k1, turn
4th row: p6, p2tog, P1, turn


I’ve done that fine but it’s the next but I’m stuck with…

Continue decreasing as set to 16 stitches

I have 15 stitches on the left needle, 7 on the right. I’m not sure what it means by continue decreasing as I can’t follow the first 4 rows again - I don’t have enough stitches.

Any help will be much appreciated!

If I’m wrong, salmonmac will set us both straight. The next row would be k7, ssk, k1 (21 sts). Next row: p8, p2tog, p1 (20 sts) and so on working one more stitch before the decrease on each row. HTH and as I said, if I have it wrong, real help is on the way.

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I never would have got to that on my own, thank you!

If it’s right, you’re certainly welcome. If it’s wrong, I’ll take the blame.
I’ve done a few sock heels so the progression makes sense to me. I think yours are worked flat, I’ve not done them like that. Happy knitting! and please share a photo or two or more.

Yes it is flat, I’ve never done socks before. Will share photos, if they go to plan they should look lovely!

Sorry, me again. Can I just check row 3 would be k10, s1, k1, Paso, k1, turn?

GrumpyGramma I agree with your interpretation of how to proceed.

Altogether it works out to be:
1st row: k14, s1, k1, Paso, k1, turn
2nd row: P4, p2tog, P1, turn
3rd row: k5, s1, k1, Paso, k1, turn
4th row: p6, p2tog, P1, turn
5th row: k7, ssk, k1 (21 sts).
6th row: p8, p2tog, p1 (20 sts)
7th row: k9, sl1, k1 psso, k1
8th row: p10, p2tog p1
9th row: k11, sl1, k1 psso, k1
10th row: p12, p2tog, p1

I’m not sure where you’re counting row 3 but the odd number rows should start with knit an odd numbers of sts and the even row have purl some number of sts.
One way to check this is to work to one stitch before the gap, knit or purl the next sts together and then knit or purl one. You don’t even need to count that way


When I have been turning my heels I have been doing k2tog on the knit row and p2tog on the purl row rather than s1,k1,Paso and p2tog. Does it make a difference?

The type of decrease affects the slant of the stitch as seen from the RS, usually the stockinette V side.
A k2tog slants up to the right / and a k2tog tbl, a ssk or a k1s1psso slant up and to the left . If you want to maintain the slant of the decreases following the edge of the heel you would work a ssk on the left edge and a k2tog on the right edge.
On the WS, a p2tog gives the same slant as a k2tog and a p2tog tbl gives the same slant as a ssk. So if you want to maintain the outward slant of the dec line, a ssk at the end of the knit row and a p2tog at the opposite edge would do that.

Thank you for that explanation which makes a great deal of sense. When decreasing for the instep and at the toe I have been using k2tog k1 when approaching and k1 s1 psso when moving away from the line of reduction, which gives the neat effect you describe. In future I will apply the same to my heel turns!

@NIgelW Just a bit of FYI/trivia in case you aren’t aware. If you prefer doing ssk you can use it in place of skp. I find it’s faster, easier to do, and when I need to tink it unknits easier too. Feel free to disregard this if it’s of no interest.

Size 11 bed sock!!

Sock successfully completed! it looks grand, too. Which pattern (just name or link is fine) and yarn did you use?
One more to go?

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I used woodlander DK (80% acrylic 20% wool) and Sirdar 9764! One more to go but now I know what I’m doing I won’t have to unpick and redo parts 3 times :wink:

Well done! That’s a great looking sock. :+1: