Help with translation from French to English

I have translated most of a pattern for a jacket with a double moss stitch but am stuck on these directions for the front:
Tricoter en point de ble (voir point employe) en commencant le 1er rang par 1 maille lisiere et 1,2
l maille endroit - 3,4,5 1 maille envers.

If anyone could help, I’d really appreciate it. I was not able to put in the accents on some of the letters. I’ve finished the back but can’t figure out what to do on the front.


You can use Google Translate for things like this. It works great most of the time. Here is your translation:

Knit as a stitch (see dot used), starting on the first row with 1 stitch and 1,2
l mesh place - 3,4,5 1 back stitch.

Does that help?

Thank you. I had tried google translate and came up with the same as you but unfortunately this doesn’t make knitting sense to me.

See if this works based on high school French:
Knit in wheat stitch (see stitches used) beginning the first row with an edge stitch and 1,2 knit stitches - 3,4,5 purl stitches.
Maybe the 1,2 knits and 3,4,5 purls refer to different sizes of the jacket?

It would be interesting to have the name of the pattern or a link, please.

If Salmonmac’s doesn’t work, let me ask a friend of mine who is French.

Oh hartleystudio, by all means ask a friend who is a native speaker.

Thank you both. Here is a link to the pattern:

She says it doesn’t translate directly so she is going to check her knitting patterns when she gets home to be more precise. I’ll let you know what she says. :slight_smile:

Here is her answer:

point de blé : wheat stitch
I don’t understand what they mean by : 1 maille lisière… i’m so sorry! 1 maille endoit = knit / 1 maille envers = purl… I hope it can help her… I don’t know a lot about knitting and all I did was in english

So, not as helpful as I thought. It’s possible that this is a pattern with errors???

Gorgeous jacket! Sounds like the 1,2 one knit and 3,4,5 one purl are indeed size designations. Each size in the pattern is assigned a number 1-5.

Thanks Hartley and your French-speaking friend.

Thanks to all of you! That makes better sense to me now.
FYI - 1 maille lisière is a selvedge or edge stitch.