Help with top of a hat

I am knitting a hat for my husband using the J Crew pattern I found here:

When I finished it, I threaded the tail of the yarn through the remaining loops, pulled it shut like a drawstring, and then knotted the yarn around a loop on the inside of the hat. When I went to try it on, it didn’t hold, and the top of the hat popped open! It’s ok because I had to tear back and add some length anyway, but now I’m ready to finish it again and I’m afraid it won’t hold!

What are your secrets for finishing hats?



Instead of just tying one knot, leave yourself more of a tail (even four inches would do) and weave it in and out among your stitches to secure it.

If you [I]really[/I] want it to to be invisible, you could duplicate stitch in the tail, but if you don’t care so much, just weave it in among the loops (try to keep it on the inside as much as possible).

You mean like at the end of a flat knitting project when you just weave in the end of the yarn with a tapestry needle? Will that hold when it’s under so much tension after being drawn shut? That’s why I tried a knot, I was worried weaving in the end wouldn’t hold well enough, but I’ll give it a shot, thanks!


Yup, same idea.

The nice thing about end-weaving is with repeated use and laundering, it can get felted into the finished product, so it can actually make the knitting a little stronger. As you’ve just experienced (sorry 'bout that, btw), knots can slip out and your work can get undone. Weaving your tail in and out and sometimes back through itself really secures it in place, so it should be fine. :slight_smile:

I do a weave but at the last few weave stitches I run it back through itself a couple of times in a sort of a knot so that if it does pull it will actually pull itself tighter.

When I finished the top of my hat I pulled the tail of the yarn inside and weaved it in a circle around the inside of the hat about 3 times so it would hold. Here’s what the top of my hat looks like.

You could draw the yarn through the stitches a second time. I almost guarantee you it won’t come out then. You can weave the tail in too, making about 100% it won’t come out.