Help with top down raglan sweater


I’m knitting a top down raglan sweater with circular needles. The top half is done knitting flat, the body and sleeves are done in the round. My flat knitted stitches on the top half are much bigger and looser than those in done in the round. I’m sure it’s a matter of tension but what can I do to improve. Also should I just knit the top half with straight needles, then slip the piece onto the circular needles and finish it in the round. I’m feeling very frustrated,

That is frustrating. We all probably knit at a slightly different tension than we purl but not to such a noticeable degree. Can you adjust this by changing needle size? If the knit fabric on the top is to your liking, maybe try going up a needle size for the bottom, circular section.
The best thing I can think of is to work on purling. Maybe try stockinette or even some garter stitch that is all purl. Practice will probably help with this difference.

Getting the tension even between turning WS/RS flat to circular all WS wouldn’t happen for me. I suppose you could adjust needle size.

I would knit it all with an interchangeable circular. Back and forth on the flat part, start going around on the round.
Cap off the body cable when doing the arms and just move the needles you’re using around to different cables.

Is this a pattern?
I do them all in the round as soon as the V in front is long enough to join. I do a provisional cast on to a cable with markers for the raglans, then increase to get the raglans and V. When the front has enough stitches I join to start going around.
At some point I stick needles on the cast on cable and knit a collar.

If you decide to start over and can’t get the knit and purl tension to match you can try using a smaller needle for the looser side - usually, but not always, the purl side.