Help with top down hat

New user here, need help

Truing to start a hat pattern starts at crown 12 sts in the round wants me to " *k1, m1,repeat around - 18 sets total" Next Rnd " * k2 ,m1, repeat around -24 sets total. This mathmaticly doesn’t make since to me. What am I not understanding? :confused: not even sure how to post this its going out as a reply

It depends on the type of increase you’re using. For this hat, it should be an increase that uses a stitch, like a knit front and back (kfb) or the knit right loop (KRL) or knit left loop (KLL).
If you (knit one, use the next stitch for the increase) and then repeat the stitches in parentheses, the math will work out.


I thought m1 meant make 1, which means lifting the yarn between the stitches and knitting that. I found the numbers confusing as well, since surely, if you make as many extra stitches as you have to begin with, you’ll end up with twice as many? For the second round I figure the number of stitches you end up with comes to half as much again as you’re making 1 extra stitch for every 2 stitches you knit.


You’re right, M1 usually is lifting the bar between sts, but it depends on how the designer defines an increase. The pattern the user is making may give a recommendation.

When you look at the math (great to have the stitch counts at the ends of a rows), it only works if you use up a stitch to make the increase. The first row increases the sts by 50% from 12 to 18. The second row increases by ~33% from 18 to 24.

(if you lift the bar between sts you’ll almost double the stitch count (11 additional sts).

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