Help with thumb gusset

I’m making a pair of gloves and have run into a bit of a snag. The pattern I’m using is different to any other glove pattern I’ve used when it comes to the gusset increase/decrease. Here’s the part that’s throwing me - I’ve gotten to the italicized bit:

… Repeat these two rows - increasing one stitch after the purled stitch using a twisted make-one every other round - until you’ve added 12 stitches.
Finish with a k-even round.

[I] Place these added stitches along with the purled stitch and the stitch at the end of the needle [14 stitches in all from the second needle] onto a holder, and co 11 stitches.
K the last cast-on stitch together with the first stitch on the third needle. [This prevents a gap from forming between the second and third needles.]
[/I] K 1 row even.

You’ve effectively increased a 14-stitch wide thumb gusset, and will be making a decreased gusset above it now.
Row 1: K to 14th st on the second needle [the 14th st in this and other odd rows is the first sl st.] ssk, k6, k2tog, k to end of round. [You’ve decreased those added 10 stitches to 8.]

Any help that can be given would be greatly appreciated!

What are you having trouble with exactly? You don’t need to buy a holder, another piece of wool will work fine.

I’ve placed the stitches on a holder but I’m having issues with where to cast on the 11 stitches (a free dpn or one that’s already being used…and if so, which one?). Then there’s the part of knitting the last cast on stitch to the first one on the third needle.

I’ve written to the woman who designed the gloves but have not heard back from her since writing 3 weeks ago. Here is a link to the full pattern:

I’ve knit gloves before and have had no problems but this pattern is making my brain hurt a little.

I would assume that the 11 cast-on sts would be to span the gap left by the stitches you’ve placed on your holder for the thumb gusset. So I’d cast on the sts on the same needle that the thumb gusset sts came from.

Sounds like it might be at the end of the 2nd needle?


That’s what I’ve done but wasn’t sure if that was what I should have done. I’m going to forge ahead and hope for the best. I can always frog it if I need to…