Help with thumb gusset

I am knitting these fingerless mitts currently-

I have come to the start of the thumb gusset, I have done gloves with a thumb gusset before so I am following the pattern written. Having said this, the pattern stated to increase the front 16 stitches by 4, after which equals 20 stitches on the front only. I am confused because the gusset says “knit to 1 stitch before end of front 18 stitches”… there are 20 stitches for the front so where exactly do I start, yes I know it says 18 stitches, I just don’t know what I am to do with the other 2 stitches from the front 20 as the chart is still going to be worked while doing the gusset. Any help is appreciated, thank you.

It looks like a mistake to me. I would knit to one stitch before the end of the front 20 sts, increase between sts 19 and 20, k1, then k1 on the back needle and increase again.
These are really lovely mitts with such a nice use of the cable pattern.

The thumb gusset isn’t so clear in the photo but it doesn’t look like it starts between sts 17 and 18 which would interfere with the cable pattern.

Yes, they are very pretty, I was making them for my sister and ran into the
gusset problem. I figured it was an error and I was having trouble deciding
what to do, so I frogged it. I was going to just do my own gusset, but I
was unsure where I should have started. I’ll message the designer and let
them know of the error. Thank you

Messaging the designer is a good idea. It’ll confirm that it is or isn’t a mistake. Let us know how it turns out and do post a photo when you finish. They’re going to be a wonderful gift.

Will do, thank you for your help. :slight_smile: