Help with Thumb for mittens

Hi Everyone,
I am having trouble with mittens
I have cast on 32 sts and joined for rounds, did a 1 x 1 ribbing for 10 rows and then knit 3 rounds.
Then it reads
Row 1: K1, pm, m1r, k1, m1l, pm, knit to end
Row 2: Knit
Repeat until 9 sts between markers
Move all thumb sts onto a holder CO 1 st and continue to knit for
14 rounds. My first question is, are the thumb stitches the 9 stitches between the markers and if so do I knit the 1st stitch and then put the 9 stitches on a holder and where do I cast on the 1 stitch. I am really sorry if this sounds confusing.

Now I’ll skip ahead to when I have to do the thumb. The pattern says to pick up 4 sts where you co one st for the thumb. Knit these 13 stitches for 10 rows. My problem with this is that if I had 9 stitches on the holder and picked up 4 where you co one st. wouldn’t that be 14 stitches.
Please help, this is my first mitten


Yes, the 9 sts between markers are what you put on a holder to work later. So k1, put the sts on hold, then cast on 1 to your working needle with the yarn, you can just do a backwards loop around the needle with the yarn, then you go on to knit the rest of the hand stitches. The CO 1 st bridges the gap a little where the thumb hole is and becomes part of the hand stitches. When you go back to do the thumb, knit the 9 sts, pick up/m1 in the gap between them and the hand, all around the thumbhole. So you should end up with 13 sts, but picking up the extra stitches helps prevent small holes where you join the hand with the thumb.

Thanks so much, it all seems so clear when you put it that way. I knew I could count on this forum, you guys are all so helpful. Thanks again