Help with throw pattern

I’m knitting a Harry potter throw from a book I got for my birthday. I’m stuck on the border and can’t figure out how to do the pattern. It says to knit 11, turn (12 stitches on right hand needle). If anyone could help I would be really grateful. Picture included of pattern

It looks like you’re doing short rows to shape parts of the border (it will probably make more sense why when you’re done). But basically you do what it says on the tin - purl 10, turn the work and knit or purl back x amount of stitches, then turn the work again working back along the row until you need to turn again.

I tried doing knit 11 and following the pattern properly but didn’t have enough to do the purl 8 at the last row. That’s why I was confused about the knit 11 but having 12 stitches on the right hand needle for the first row of the border

Yeah, that doesn’t make sense to me either. Does it say anything about picking up stitches from the edge of the blanket? I don’t know where else the extra stitch or stitches are meant to come from.

It looks like there should be sts on the needle from the last round (before the border sts were worked).
What is the name of the pattern?

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It’s an order of the phoenix throw blanket from the Harry potter knitting book

The previous round was knit to last stitch, slip one remove beginning of round marker, return slip stitch to left needle, replace marker for new beginning of round

I tried it and had to purl 7 in place of purl 8 (row 10). Have you purled 7 and bound off or counted sts to see if the last stitch on the RH needle is the stitch above the s2kp of the previous round?

Going by the last round and slipping the stitches it says to the previous round ends with s2kp so I’m not really sure what to do. I’m assuming it’s a problem with the actual pattern

Is there a following s2kp after the end of round s2kp?

No there isn’t. There’s a full knit round. I’ve been in contact with the book author so will let you know what she says.

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Good idea. You might also contact one or two of the most recent project knitters on Ravelry. I’m interested to see how this turns out.
The throw is stunning and quite an accomplishment. I hope we get to see a photo of yours.

I have finally finished the throw. I absolutely love it and am so proud that I stuck with it. All that’s left to do is weave in the ends and pin it out.


Really stunning. Good for you for persisting and many thanks for the photo of this beautiful throw.