Help with this stitch

The pattern says to insert right needle tip from the back between stitches to knit in front of the 2nd stitch, then knit into front of first stitch, slip 2 stitches off the left needle together.

Could somebody please explain this? Or maybe is there a video showing this someplace?

I think iniserting the right needle timp from the back to knit in front of the stitch…is the part thats confusing me.
any help whatsoever is greatly apprciated!

Hi, Sue:
The pattern is trying to get you to add or increase a stitch. If you are familiar with the make one back/make one right video under the increase videos section ( of the site its similar to that technique.

You should lift the bar between the recently made stitch on the right hand needle and the old stitch on the left hand needle from behind the work with the right hand needle placing the bar or loop onto the left hand needle. Knit as you would usually into the second stitch on the left hand needle DO NOT remove/slip the second stitch off the needle; now, work (knit) that stitch you just placed on the needle as you normally would, than remove both stitches.


I think you are supposed to be doing a 2 stitch cable…

YOU first 'work" stitch 2 (on left needle) (but don’t attempt to remove the old one!)

then you 'work stitch 1 on the needle-

With both stitch 2 and stitch 1 worked, you now can let both of them fall off left needle.

YOU could use a cable needle for this simple 2 stitch cable, but its not that hard (well with a little practice its not that hard!) do just work the stitches 'out of order" (first 2, then 1!)

the reason for the tricky needle movement is stitch 2 will be “on top” (and you don’t want it twisted) but stitch 1 will be the under stitch of the cross… (and it won’t be as noticable if it is crossed–though your instructions have you knitting it uncrossed)

Practice it a bit… (and look at your pattern)

if you feel uncomfortable, you can always use a cable needle for this 2 stitch "twist’ or “cross” stitch…its slower… but knitting isn’t a race, and you always have the option of going the slow way!