Help with this stitch/pattern needed

A friend sent me this picture of a scarf attached. I’d love to make a shawl with this stitch. Does anyone happen to know the stitches/pattern involved or close to it? I’d appreciate your help…thanks so much!

You might have a look at They have a large stitch library with illustrations. You can get access to even more there for a subscription, which is only 10 dollars a year.

That one looks like Tilting Blocks, and is used in the Midwest Moonlight scarf in Knitter’s Dozen (I think that’s the right book). I’ve seen it used as the center of a baby blanket - and a shawl somewhere. Okay I found 2 shawls, one in a kit - and another for free -

Okay, I guess Enchanting is a scarf, but you can make it wider by adding more pattern repeats of 16 sts each.

Gee that was quick…you ladies are wonderful! Thanks so so much.

I sent you a message

Why not share? Other people could be looking for the same info.