Help with this pattern

it sounds simpe but i dont get it
how would you knit1 and cast off 6?

here’s the link with pictures but i dont get it

eep i think i got it :woot:

i didnt:(

Thanks for the link. What a clever way to make a flower. The pictures are quite clear. You will knit 1 stitch, then bind off 6 stitches [knit 2, then pass the first one over the second one, then knit another stitch and pass . . . etc.] Do you know how to bind off? It is simple to do, but really hard to write it out. Anyway, thanks again for the link.

What Aprilbetty said was right and the trick of this is that to K1 and then BO 6 you do like she said…Knit the one and then knit 2 more before you lift any stitches over. Keep knitting one and lifting one until you have lifted all 6 off. Then K1, and then knit 2 more and begin the lifting part of the bind off. Sometimes when you are just learning to do a BO in a situation like this you just knit 1 then knit another one and lift the first one over, but you can’t do it that way. You actually knit 3 before you lift any. Then it will work.

Thank you both :slight_smile: