Help with this pattern please

I am knitting the turkey hat for a friends baby. The pattern is here

I did the hat part (however the decrease didn’t work properly I ended up with too many stitches after the first decrease, not sure what I did wrong, so I made the decrease my own way)

So attached is a photo of the hat I have so far. I have already weaved in the ends. I am at the part where I am about to make the legs, but I am unclear on how many needles I am supposed to use and where the yarn is supposed to come from? Do I just start with a new string of yarn? How do I pick up stitches in a square like that? Will I be knitting in the round?

Very confused. Any help would be appreciated. (Do u think the hat will look stupid with that pointy top? I’m hoping it won’t be too bad.)

You start with a new end of yarn and pick up sts in a square like the one shown in the pattern. I would start with sts on 4 needles, one for each side of the square but you’ll probably find that you can decrease to sts on 3 needles after a few rows. You can start by holding the strand on the inside of the hat and pull the picked up sts throught to the outside. Yes, you’ll be knitting the legs in the round.
i think the hat is so funny that a point here or there is not going to make a lot of difference. Turkeys come in all shapes and sizes.

“You can start by holding the strand on the inside of the hat and pull the picked up sts throught to the outside.”

I’m unclear what you mean by this?

Hold the strand of yarn on the inside of the hat, then stick your right needle into the center of one of the stitches, with the yarn you have inside the hat, yarn around and pull a stitch loop up to your needle on the outside. Keep doing that until you have all the stitches picked up.

I don’t think the top of your hat looks much different from the one they picture. I think it will be a fine turkey tail. :lol: Cute hat.

Hold the new yarn strand on the inside of the hat and put the knitting needle or crochet hook into the fabric of the hat from the outside toward the inside. Grab the yarn with the needle or hook and pull a loop of yarn through to the ouside. That’s one stitch on the needle. It’s going to look a lot like the video of picking up sts that’s on the Free Videos tab except that you’ll be picking up sts on the side of the hat and not the edge.

I must be dumb, I still don’t understand. Is the new yarn that I will be knitting with constantly fed through the inside of the hat?? Is there a video somewhere I can’t find one.

I’m sorry. I was just plain wrong in the way I explained this. No wonder you were confused.
I think it’s better to pick up from the [I]outside[/I] of the hat. Just slip one leg of each knit stitch in the diagram onto a dpn. Use 4 dpns, one for each side of the square. Once you’ve picked up the sts, now you’ll start with a new end of yarn and knit those picked up sts. The tail of yarn can be fed through to the inside when you’re finished and woven in.

Hmm, I guess you’re right salmonmac, I tried picking up the stitches and that worked but didn’t try knitting them afterward. :lol: :oops: Great minds think alike, they just aren’t always right. :ick:

So true. It’s possible to do it the way we were both thinking (by feeding the working yarn in a loop through to the outside) but it’s clumsy and not something I’d like to do for more that a row or two. Certainly not for an entire turkey leg!
In one of the projects on Ravelry, the knitter made the legs separately and sewed them on the hat.

So literally just slide the needle through the stitches? Also I am picking up the ladders right? And I just begin with new yarn? I’m a bit worried the yarn will slip off? I did find a video on youtube and tried it but I messed it up bad, so now I have some stretched out areas, hopefully I can cover that up.

Here is the video I found.

Leave a long tail on the yarn end and it won’t come unraveled or slip off. The first stitch might be a bit loose, but you can pull the end to tighten it up. Then you weave it in later.

The stretched out areas will probably go back into place. That looks like an excellant video and it’s precisely the kind of technique you want to use. Thanks for the link. It looks like she’s picking up one leg of the knit stitch.