Help with this Pattern Please!!


I’m trying to follow this pattern I found online. I can understand all of the abbreviations in this pattern, but the way it’s worded I really don’t understand what they actually want me to do. Please help!!! In the pattern it says to use the magic cast on method, I’m not worried about a seam, so I’m doing a long tail cast on method.

Here’s the pattern image
Y2- the color I’m using
K- knit
P- purl
Sl- slip purl-wise
w+t- wrap and turn
Table- through the back loop

Here’s the little guy I’m trying to make


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It does seem confusing. What is the name of the pattern?


It’s just called Sock Unicorn


I didn’t directly reply to you so I don’t know how easily you can see my response:

Sock unicorn


The posts are all public so that’s fine. For some reason, the link didn’t work.

After the magic cast on you would have 16sts on each needle. The pattern begins with one set of 16 and even though you’ve worked a different cast on, start with short rows on the first 16sts.
After completing the 5 short rows, follow the directions for picking up the wraps and working more short rows until all the wraps have been picked up. Then knit in the round on all 32sts for 6 rows.
See if that will at least get you started.


I was reading 5sts as 5 separate stitches you had to wrap so I think that was part of the problem, but if you follow the pattern and wrap 5sts then you’ll be on the right side of your work and then you’ll knit another row. If you go directly to a knit row after you wrap your 5th stitch then you’re going to be knitting on the wrong side of your work. From the picture of the unicorn it doesn’t look like it had a change like that. Am I reading this wrong? Should I go straight into a knit row?


Yes, you can purl the 6th row and then be ready to knit the next row. Alternatively you could message the designer and ask if that is what was intended or was there something else.


Thank you so much for you’re help!!! I’m just gonna purl the 6th row and see what happens.