Help with this instruction please?

Hello! Be gentle with me please - very new to both knitting and this forum :aww:

I’m knitting a Wendy pattern for a childs hooded jacket and the instructions for the sleeves are really confusing me. I wondered if a kind soul would take pity on me and help me out please!

“Cast on 26 sts and k 4 rows. St st inc 1 st at each end of the 7th and every following 6th row to 48 sts then work straight to 13 1/2 ins.”

I’m knitting it now but by the time I get to 48 stitches the work will be much longer than the 13.5 inches! I’ve double checked my tension and it still matches up to what it should be. I’m just a bit confused as to what to do about it!

Many, many, many thanks!!

You may be using needles that are too large for the pattern. You may also be losing track of the increase rows, maybe increasing too many times. It will help if you write out the pattern row by row. Knit one row, purl one row, knit one row, etc. then increase one, knit to last stitch, inc 1 like that. Have you substituted a heavier weight yarn than what’s called for in the pattern? This can affect the size and length. Knitters relax after a few rows. The knitting becomes looser than the cast on row. If you knit too loosely, it can affect your initial gauge. It seems like a bother, but it’s important to knit a full 4 by 4 inch swatch to measure your gauge, especially if it’s with a yarn you’re not familiar with.

Is this a multisize pattern? A multisize pattern will say something like cast on 36(40,42) stitches. Increase 0(1,2) stitches, etc. These are for the different sizes in a pattern. When I knit baby things, it would be a newborn, 3-6 months, and a one year size. These are what those brackets refer to. If you see a 0 listed, it means you wouldn’t do an increase for that particular size. It’s possible you’re mixing directions for the various sizes. It helps to print out the pattern and circle each number for your particular size that you’re doing so you don’t get confused.

What I like about this forum is that people here take the time to answer questions and make comments in a positive way. I’ve never seen anyone here be mean to another member. This is a safe haven. There are no stupid questions. We’ve all been brand new knitters at one time so we know how it is. You’re not going to know how to do something unless you ask. Welcome to Knitting Help!

Lots to take on board and check there!! Thank you so much for taking the time to both answer my question and reassure me - it’s greatly appreciated.

I think the best step now is for me to check each of the points you’ve mentioned one by on until the solution becomes clear. Once again, many thanks for taking time out to give such a clear and thorough answer!


“Cast on 26 sts and k 4 rows. St st inc 1 st at each end of the 7th and every following 6th row to 48 sts then work straight to 13 1/2 ins.”

You have 26sts cast on and you need to get to 48sts. That’s an increase of 22sts. Since you’re increasing at [I]each end[/I], that’s 11 increase rows. So you should have 4rows in garter, increase each end on row 7 and then increase every 6th row until 48sts. It will be 67 rows total in stockinette. See what the row gauge is and measure your row gauge and you can calculste how long the 67 rows should measure.

Are you increasing at [I]both[/I] ends of the rows - the beg and end? That adds 2 sts every 6th row so shouldn’t be too long, unless your row gauge is really different.