HELP with this cape pattern

I was browsing on the Lion Brand website and looking at their free patterns, and I came across this patter:

I would really like to start and work on this type of cape. But the patter seems so hard to understand. Can someone help me? Or is there a much better or easier pattern to do a similar style of this work?

Thanks so much.

What part is confusing you? I’ve always found that if there is a section that looks confusing, it always becomes clearer when you get to that point.

There are so many people here who’d be willing to help as you go along.:thumbsup:

If you take the pattern step by step, it becomes easy to see what happens next. It’s also easier to follow with yarn and needles in hand than trying to figure it out in your head.

Alright, I will attempt to start this project and we’ll see what happens.