Help with these fish

I’m making the fish aphgan for my grandson Sam (he’s three) and a great judge of fish. His fav movie is Finding Nemo. I have about 35 fish made, and would like to start putting them together, my prob. is that I’m not sure the best and (neatest )way to do this. All my fish are diff. colors, from scrap yarn. So if you have any idea’s lady’s and gent’s, I am all eyes. Thanks… Karen… P.S I have finished two candle flame shawls, when my camera comes home (daughters house) I can’t wait to show you. Thanks again

I have the same problem !!! HELP!!!

TWO candle flame shawls!?!?!?! I been working on one and it’s taking forever. I love it though. I’m using my Manos.

Now the fish I would assume you just line up the tail with the heads so they “fit” like a puzzle piece and then just sew em up. I don’t think it matters what color you use to sew with. The more colors the merrier on a project like this. I haven’t made the fish yet so I’m not sure. I been wanting to make the fish but ya know I got the candle flame shawl, baby blankets, etc…

coolies! thank you! i have never stitched anything that big together and i was stumped too.


Where is this fish afghan? I want to see it. Sounds intriguing.

Here’s the pattern:

And here’s a fuzzy picture of a completed afghan:

Yeah mama I got the puzzle part down (that’s the fun part) And when I knit my fish up, I left a long tail at the CO and the COF . I think I’m just to fussy when I’m putting them together. I hate when I see one color stiched into another…Don’t ya love that candle flame shawl patt. :heart: Yeah I got two done. One in cotten, and one in DW wool. I hope to show ya soon. …Oh and why did ya give up on the clogs? I was thinking of making them when I can find the patt. And Spooky !! Good luck with your fish :sunny: Karen

Wow Sandy, that is GORGEOUS! It’s so happy happy… I love it and all those colors! ummmmmmmm

I wish I could take credit for it, but it’s not my work. :crying:

I got that fish afghan picture from the pattern that was originally posted on the internet. I don’t know the name of the person who made that afghan.

The original pattern link quit working, and now all we have is the link I posted yesterday.

(I made a copy of the original pattern and saved it to my computer.) :thumbsup:

Here is one someone here finished, probably can get advice on seaming from them!

Someone did ask her how she put it together, she did’nt responed. She might have missed the Q. I know I would be overly excited with the rave reveiws she was getting (and rightly so) But I’m doing ok with getting this together. But once again , thanks for everyones help :x: Karen

I’m planning on making one too. It will be red and black for a “hip teenaged fisherman” in my family. (my stepson, Aaron) He’s been wanting an afghan ever since I made this one for my son Josh.

By the way, I seamed that afghan with black yarn, using single and double crochet. I thought that using one seaming color throughout would give it some unity, and it did!

WOW Sandy that is really nice,and I see what you mean by the unity. Are you sure you want to start the fish ??..They are very addictive little things

Thanks! Yeah, I still want to make a fish afghan. I think my fish will be REALLY BIG though, because I know I don’t want to seam together a bunch of little ones.

Oh I love that fishie blanket.
I just found out I am to be an aunt too! This will be a perfect gift for the young’un (i just love that word lol) and let me use up my stash of simply soft. I think I can make 2 blankets with what I have!

I second the “any color” opinion for sewing it up. You could even try an ombre yarn so that the color changes randomly for you.

You could also try a unifying color - all white, grey, black, navy, etc
But I like wild best.

I think blue or light aqua would be a good seaming color, kind of make a water effect bewteen the fishies.

So the pattern site is no longer up? :frowning: I was hoping to make one of these for my dad.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I have been looking all over for this pattern! Not for making that ambitious, beautiful afghan, but because I wanted to make fish wash cloths for my sons’ newly painted bathroom with a fishy theme. I thought that I could make two and then sew together to make a wash mit. Maybe someday I can aspire to make a fish afghan!

It’s up.

I did find this picture of a fish blanket. I like the idea of using a bright color to bring it all together.