Help with the Wheat-Ear Cable Yoke from IK

I’m making this lovely garment but have a question:

[I] Shape Armholes: cont in patt, BO 5 sts at beg of next 2 rows, then BO 3 sts at beg of foll 2 rows. 112 sts remain. Place rem sts on holder.

[/I]So, I BO 5, continue in the pattern as it says to as if I didn’t just BO 5 for the next two rows. Then I BO 3 and knit in pattern for the next two rows. However, that’ll leave me with a lot more to knit, right? Here’s a pic of what it’s supposed to look like:

I have 1 1/2" of the cable pattern that it calls for before shaping armholes. This is what it looks like:

sigh I just can’t wrap my head around it. :shrug:

can’t help, but your sweater is stunning! and the yarn…thud…it looks luscious!

You place the remaining stitches on a holder. Then you’ll probably knit the front and join them to continue in the round since it looks like a raglan. Make sense with the pattern?

Thanks so much Ingrid! You’re a lifesaver…cherry flavoured!

I"m making this too! I’m almost to the point of binding off for the armholes. I’ve knitted mine in the round - I hate seaming!

Omg, I should have done that too. But to work out the math would have killed my brain. How did you figure it out?

Man, I feel like such an idiot. I’m at the increase part of the sleeve and it says:

[I]work inc (increase row) every 6 rows, 15 more times

[/I]Does that mean I’ll have 90 rows of this at the end of this point of the pattern?

Yes. :thumbsup:

Thanks again, Ingrid!