Help with the ribbing on this pattern please?


I am knitting this cardigan by Artesano and I’m a bit confused by their pattern. In the first few lines I’m doing a twisted rib where the RS knit row is twisted. Then after finishing this rib pattern the instructions are to:

rib 11(13, 8, 10, 7)* m1, rib 7(7, 8, 8, 9)sts. Repeat from * to last 11(13, 11, 14, 9)sts, m1, rib to end. 111(115,
119, 123, 127)sts.

Does the rib instruction mean to do a one by one rib, and am I to just always start with knit when it tells me to rib or am I supposed to follow the knit or purl of the rows below?

Also, do I do a standard rib or do it twisted as I had been doing before?

Finally, the instructions for the row before say “ending on RS row”. Does this mean that I should end once completing a RS row (usually a circular knitter!)?

Thank you very much!

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Continue the 1x1 rib that you have been working. Look at the row below to determine how to pick up the rib pattern after the m1. You want to continue the columns of knit and purls. You can continue this in the twisted rib pattern. It’s all about to change as you start the main body pattern with the pattern sts.
End having finished a RS row so that the next row is a WS row.

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Thank you very much for replying! Hopefully that’ll be all the help I need

Come back anytime. It’s a very good looking jacket. We’d love to see a photo when you finish.