Help with the rest of the pattern

OK I Got the thing cast off but I need help with the rest of the pattern which goes as follows:

I have seamed the arm together to make armholds on both sides this part is for the ribbing only.

Pick up stitches for ribbing:

Beginning at the back right shoulder ‘seam’ with right side facing and using the 5US needle, pich up stitches (which I have kept live) around the entire edge for ribbing as follows:

Back neck section: 20
Left Front: pick up 54
Lower back section: transfer stitches from stitch holder to the 5US needle.
Right Front: pick up 54

This gives a total number of 208 stitches. Work in K2 P2 ribbing for 1 inch. BInd offin the ribbing using the US8 needle.

Thanks for any help.

I’m a little mixed up. You say you have kept stitches live around the entire edge? But your pattern tells you to pick up stitches. It sounds like it says you have some live and some you will need to pick up. What is your situation exactly?

Another question. You say,

This gives a total number of 208 stitches.
20+54+54= 128 and then it says to transfer stitches from a holder so that would add even more. Why do you say 208? What am I misunderstanding?

If you need to know how to pick up stitches, go to this page and scroll down to your topic for a free video.

There’s probably 80 sts or so along the lower back that she’s going to pick up.

Right! I was totally thinking crazy. LOL

Ok, I guess I stated the pattern incorrectly or not enough info.

I have seamed the left and right sleeve after working a seed stitch trim.

I do not have live stitches around the entire project, just the bottom of the garment.

It appears that the pattern calls for picking up stitches on the live side (bottom) and the finished side (top) I am going to work with the live stitches first since instead of using waste yarn I just strung it on another cable so that I can attach the needles to do the bottom.

Maybe I am suppose to be working it as a complete garment? Instead of a bottom and a top separtely.

Given the rest of the pattern again:

Back neck section - PU 20 stitches
Left Front section - PU 54 stitches
Lower back section - Transfer titches form stitch holder to the size 5US needle
Right Front - PU 54 stitches

Giving a total of 208 stitches in k2p2 ribing and binding off with a 8US needle.

Does it sound like all the stitches should be together on one cable?

Thanks for any help.:muah:

Oh yes, you definitely want to work it all on one needle or they wouldn’t have said to pick up stitches. I too would start at the lower back first, transfer to sts from the holder to the needle, start working with a strand of yarn and pick up the R front sts, the neck, and the left front. Same, thing just in a different order. Now you’re ready to start your first round of the ribbing.

It is almost like a little light bulb when off in my head.



Ding, ding, ding! We have another knitter who gets it! Yay :cheering: