Help with the next part of my cardigan, previous button band poster

Hello Knitters,

Thank you so much for your help with the Buttonbands post I put up last night. I have worked through that part of the pattern but to be honest I find this whole section really hard to follow. Just so everyone can fully understand what I am reading I am going to post the entire Left Front Section instructions. There are so many different things that are supposed to happen at once that I am lost again. Here is the section below, and I will mark on the pattern where I am now stuck;

Left front: Cast on 48-51-54-58 sts. Knit garter st for 12 cm [4.75"] over all sts. Continue with pattern, but knit the 6 edge sts at the center front as follows from edge (seen from the right side): 5 sts garter st, 1 st stockinette st.
Read the entire next section before knitting.
When the piece measures 46-47-49-50 cm [18 1/8" - 18.5" - 19.25" - 19.75"] inc 2 sts inside 1 edge st at the center front for collar - knit the increased sts for collar in garter st, keeping the 1 st in stockinette st between button bands and body. On the following 2 rows knit 2 rows garter st over only the 7 button band sts (short rows). Then inc 1 st inside 1 edge st 6 times every row, then 6 times every other row and then 6 times every 4th row = 20 sts increased for collar. At the same time when the piece measures 47-48-50-51 cm [18.5" - 18 7/8" - 19.75" - 20"] bind off for armhole at the side as on back.

[B]I need help with the section below :?? [/B]

At the same time when the piece measures 50-51-53-54 cm [19.75" - 20" - 20 7/8" - 21.25"] dec for the neck shaping (while increasing for collar) as follows: make decs inside the 1 stockinette st + garter sts for collar. Dec 1 st 18 times every other row - see knitting tips. When the piece measures 68-70-72-74 cm [26.75" - 27 5/8" - 28.25" - 29 1/8"] bind off shoulder sts + 6 button band sts = 18-18-19-19 sts bound off. There are now 20 garter sts on the needles (collar). Continue in garter st as follows: * 2 rows garter st over all sts, 2 rows garter st over only the outermost 16 sts *, repeat from * - * until the inner edge of collar measures approx. 8 cm [3 1/8"] (the outer edge should measure 16 cm [6.25"]). Put sts on a holder.

Any help you :knitting: angels can give would really be appreciated. This is my first cardigan and I want it to turn out great.

C :muah:

I think the best thing to do when two or more things are going on at once is to write out the rows on a piece of paper and put down the steps for each row. Check them off as you go and it’ll ensure that you don’t miss something.
For this pattern, the collar increases at the edge may be going on at the same time as the decreases at the single stockinette stitch.
Both the collar increases and the neckline decreases should be finished by the time you get to the measurement for your size and begin the shoulder bind off. For this part you bind off the body sts and bind off the 6 buttonband sts. Now you work only on the 20 collar sts, 2 rows over all the sts, 2 rows over the outer 16sts, 2 rows over all sts, 2 rows over the outer 16sts and continue alternating these two instructions until you have the given measurement.
It’s a simple looking sweater but there’s quite a bit of shaping for the collar and a lot of shaping if it’s your first. Just write it out in a list, take it slowly and you’ll get it all done.