Help with the neck of a sweater

I am having a little trouble trying to figure out how to finish my sweater. I am working on the Bernat Denimstyle Knit Turtleneck sweater from (you have to join but it is free). Anyway, I have gotten to where I am supposed to be making the collar but I have never done anything like this and it just isn’t meshing in my brain right. Could you help me out please? Thanks so much!

Here is the directions:

Sew front raglan seams. Sew left back raglan seam. With smaller needles and RS of work facing, K30 from back st holder, K8 from left sleeve st holder, pick up and knit 12 sts down left front neck edge. K12 sts from front st holder. Pick up and knit 12 sts up right front neck edge. K8 from right sleeve st holder.

Now my problem is this, I am assuming I am trying to get all of these sts on one needle, so one of the raglan seams needs to be left undone so I can straighten out the sweater in a straight line to put it on my needle right? I didn’t pay attention and sewed up all my sleeve seams but when I lay out my sweater it doesn’t seem like the left front would be the correct seam to leave undone. I think once I figure out how to get all the sts on my needle I can figure out the rest pretty well, but if not I will be right back on here. Thanks again for any help you can give me!


It looks like the back right shoulder seam should have been left open. If you want, you can use an appropriate sized circular needle–probably 16 inch to knit around the neck.

Sew front raglan seams. Sew left back raglan seam.

The right back raglan seam is the one that should be left undone. Then after the neck is knittted, right at the end of the pattern you’ll see that you’ll seam up that raglan then the collar.

I thought it should have been a different seam, but I wasn’t positive. This pattern actually had another mistake in it earlier on.

Ingrid-do you mean I could use a circular needle without taking out the raglan seam, I had thought of doing that and actually meant to ask on my post but forgot by the time I got around asking. It would be great if I didn’t have to take anything out, but if I do than so be it.

Thanks for the help!

Yes, you can do the neck on either a circ or dpn’s, and you won’t have to rip out any seams.

Start at the back right seam, pick up and knit the 30 stitches of the back neck holder, procede around the neck either picking up the stitches from the holders or the 12 stitches from the left and right neck edges. When you’re done you’ll have eighty two stitches on the circ ( or dpns) then work the neck in the round. Your join will be at the back right shoulder.

You may need to change the neck instructions to work it in the round - for example (I haven’t looked at this particular pattern) if the neck is finished in stockinette stitch, the back and forth directions would have you purling one row, then knitting, then purling, etc. for however many rows you need. To do it in the round you’d just knit every stitch, every round until the neck is long enough. If the neck is folded over and seamed down make sure you double check which side of your round will be the right side.

If you have any other questions just write back.

Aren’t you glad you don’t have to :frog: :frog:

Happy Knitting :XX: :XX:


I have got to check my stash first but if I don’t already have the right circular needles I am picking them up tomorrow. Thank you so much, I am so relieved at not having to take anything out. Whew!
Thank you!