Help with the Fetching pattern please!

Hello all!

I know that most of you fine folks are familiar with the Fetching pattern as seen here:

My 8 year old niece has requested a pair but I’m not sure how to go about making a child sized pair of these. Do I cast on less? Do I alter something else about the pattern in addition to that? :??

Please help.

The pattern is for a 7" wrist circumference, unstretched. Measure her wrist and see how it compares. The easiest thing to try would be going down a needle size or two. It is amazing how much difference that can make.

The other thing you could do is try casting on a smaller multiple of stitches. You’re doing 4x1 ribbing to start off so if you took off one of those repeats and casted on 40sts instead of 45 to start (or however much smaller you need to make it), the whole rest of the pattern is fairly straight forward that there wouldn’t be a whole lot more that needed adjustment.