Help with the count 10 plus

Hello. I bought a Count 10 plus by Boye for the needle gauge. Does anybody know how to use the slider thing at the bottom? The instructions on the back made no sense to me. Maybe I’m just having a dense day. Any suggestions?

The count 10 is used to measure your gauge.
You put the flat fixed “foot” of the gauge on the edge of a stitch then slide the slider so that there are ten stitches between each little foot. The number that the slider is pointing to is your gauge in stitches per inch.

Hope that made some sense!

A Youtube video helped me with my count 10 plus. I also found that it is useful to mark on the slider edge inches. This way I can just slide the marker to the inch mark & count how many stitches are in the slide. To do this you must take off the slide, use a sewing tape measure, and mark the inches. To get the slide off without breaking it move the slide to the middle and pop it off. I have a pic posted on my Facebook on how it looks & how to use. Hope this helps. :smiley:

Thank You for reading!