Help with the bag pattern

I know Im not supposed to post the whole pattern and Im sorry for doing so but I dont understand the pattern. I need help with knitting flat with a circ., and picking up the sts evenly so there are no holes or gaps. Do I rep the seed st pattern that is given in the pattern for row 1? I found a link that will take you to a picture of the bag its called the cabled carpet bag cant find a link to the actual pattern. So this one is the best I can do

I found another pattern that Im eventually going to do.

-Bag is constructed of a large center panel and 2 side panels.
-The front and bottom and back as one piece and is worked for side to side.

  • Circular needles are used to accommodate the large number of sts; center panel is worked back and forth in rows.

The reason for not posting entire patterns is because of copywright issues. You can edit your post to remove the pattern and leave a link to it or even the name of the pattern.
Kniting flat on circular needles just means that when you get to the end of the row, turn the needle as you would when knitting on straight needles. Take the needle in your right hand and put it into your left hand. If it helps, think of the circular needle as a straight needle that’s very flexible.
As far a picking up evenly, think of it as approximately evenly. Small differences in the spacing between sts will even out as you knit the next few row.

I found the pattern in a old knitting magazine. I dont know the link to get to the pattern. I will remove it though. Thanks for the help.