Help with TBL stich

My shawl type pattern calls for Feather Rib:

Row 1 (RS) P2, *yo, k2tog-tbl, k1, p2, rep from *

Row 2 K2, *yo, k2tog-tbl, p1, k2, rep from *

I understand “tbl” means “through back loop”, but on Row 2 is tbl reversed like purling? Oh boy! Does that make sense. Any help is appreciated.

It looks to me like it is knit like normal???

I dont understand the question?

I wondered because all the stitches are reversed from the first row since it’s the WS row, so I wasn’t sure if I reversed the tbl also.

no they would instruct you to P2tog-tbl. this must be part of the design.

show pics when you get done…id like to see it!!

I appreciate the help. I’m branching out from hats & scarves so this is a little challenging for me. Also, I’m not sure how long this will take me. I would be happy to post a photo. Should I post it back to this thread? It could be a few weeks.

The k2togtbl is a left leaning decrease, but it leaves the sts twisted. You can substitute a ssk or a sl1 k1 psso decrease instead which also lean left, but the stitches aren’t twisted.

This seems to be a lace stitch pattern where you do the lace on both sides and it’s in garter stitch, so you don’t do any purls.