Help with tangled yarn

A beginner scarf calls for using two threads from the same skein. One from the inside and one from the outside. How do I locate the ends of the yarn? I pull the insides out and all tangled. Then I tried cutting an outside thread and would up with large puieces and more tangles. Scark just takes one skein and size 19 needles.

Even though the yarn from the insides came out tangled up, there’s still an end there, but don’t cut anything. It takes some patience, but you should be able to gently pull on a strand and it should untangle. Just wind up what you pulled out into a small ball, leaving the tail on the outside of the ball, and stick it back in the middle. For the outside strand, it may help to take the wrapper off to get to it.

Is there always an end on the outside of the skein. I took off the wrapper and couldn’t seem to find it.

Also are you advising to go ahead and just pull the insides out until I locate the end and then re-roll that into a separate ball? So I would be pulling one thread from the original skein and one from the new ball. Right?

This is a delightful place to visit!! I am going to Joann’s and get two new skeins on sale!! Two for $6!!

Of course there’s an outside end, but sometimes they tuck it inside on the other end that the inside strand comes from. Usually when you pull out the inside and a bunch comes out you can just wind up the extra. I wind it into a figure 8/butterfly mini-skein, or you can use the instructions on this site to wind into a small center pull ball, then tuck it back into the middle.

Hi there…I’ve done the figure 8/butterfly mini-skein too, and for the most part, it works well…it just takes a bit of time and not too much tension as you’re wrapping the yarn around the butterfly part. I’ve just purchased a ball winder though, and let me tell you how wonderful and how much quicker it is to get a center pull skein. So now my skein has a thread from both the outside and the inside to use when I need to use two strands.

I once tried to help someone here find the end inside a skein only to find out they had a hank and didn’t know it. I hadn’t ever used yarn from a hank before.

So, how do you get your fiber? ([B][U][COLOR=“Blue”]Ball, Skein, or Hank[/COLOR][/U][/B])? :slight_smile: