Help with taking increase stitches into pattern

Hi There!
I’m knitting my first sweater cardigan and I’ve been doing well so far, but now I’ve come to the sleeves and I’m so confused as to how to incorporate my increases into the pattern. I’m knitting a basket rib pattern and I increase on every 3rd row on both ends. The two rows in the pattern I’m having trouble with are:
Row3 K1. Sl1P. Rep from
Row4 K1. Sl1Pwyif. Rep from
I make my increases one stitch in from each side on row 3, but the next row is not lining up correctly. How do I work the increases into the pattern so that the pattern lines up correctly? I just can’t seem to get this technique down.

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Keep the first couple of sts as knit sts until you have enough for a full repeat of the pattern. It seems like you would have the k1 edge stitch and the 2 more sts before you could incorporate both sts into pattern. The most important thing is not to let the increase sts throw off the main body pattern. Make sure the columns line up correctly with previous rows.

Thank you!
Ok I think I understand. Looking at what’s on my needle I have 4 pearl bumps then my first slip stitch, but if I slip that first slip stitch it won’t line up to the columns correctly. Should I knit that slip stitch as a knit instead so that it stays correct with the pattern?

The pattern is clear about purling the stitch which starts the p1k1 pattern is row 2.

Ok, maybe I don’t understand at all. LOL! It looks like the slip stitch is in the same columns as the knit stitches as it sits right now on my needle. So if I knit those first four stitches and slip that slip stitch, my pattern will be thrown off. I don’t know how to get going to get the pattern to match up again. I’m sorry to be so dense, I just can’t figure this out.

Ah, ok, disregard my last reply. I was confusing questions. Sorry about that.

Yes, go ahead and knit it if that will keep the pattern correct. Usually these increases are just one or two sts from the ends and even if they aren’t a full repeat or don’t follow the main body pattern it’s ok. They will be part of the seam or close to it.

The important thing is to look at the overall pattern and make sure that is maintained across the sleeve row.

Thank you so much for your help!