Help with sweather

Hello! I’m trying to find a way to fix this sweather.
Everything is ok with it but I don’t like the neck, it’s too low. Is it there a way to add a collar to this type of sweather? I just finished seaming. There’s no way I’m wearing this sweather with such a low neck, I added a couple of inches but guess cotton always stretches. Anyway… hope you can help me or direct me to the right place. Thank you! :thumbsup:

PS. this pattern didn’t had any neck shaping, you just had to split the front and make some decreases.

Well, I’m no expert but I would think you should be able to go back and pick up stitches at the lower part of the neck and knit a few inches up into it to make it higher.

The hard part might be making that invisible.

Thank you!:thumbsup: That’s what I was thinking. I just found this instructions for another sweather
Using smaller circ needle, with RS facing and beg at one shoulder, pick up and knit 33 [36, 40, 44, 50] down left neck edge; place marker to mark center st, k center st from safety pin; pick up and knit 33 [36, 40, 44, 50] up right neck edge; and pick up and knit 30 (32, 36, 40, 44) sts across back. 97[105, 117, 129, 145] sts
Place marker to show beg of rnd.
[I] Next Round:[/I] Work neckband in (k2, p2) rib until 2 sts before center front marker, SSK, k1, k2tog, work to end in rib patt.
Rep this round until neckband is 1 inch wide.
BO all sts in rib pattern.[/SIZE]

Do you think they might work? mmm… I’ve never done this before:shifty:

You could pick up stitches for a neckband, but you could also start the split for the V a couple inches higher or wherever you want it to be.

Oh, I guess you’re essentially done. Then try the neckband, use a smaller needle than you knit the sweater with. Unless the instructions you found are for a sweater with the same measurements, gauge and yarn weight, the sts you would pick up may not match. A good way to do it is to pick up 3 sts for every 4 along the neckline and stitch for stitch across the back of the neck, making sure you get a stitch number that’s divisible by 4 for the 2x2 rib. That works regardless of how big the neckline is, or your gauge.

Beings it’s just a split v-neck with no shaping on it, why couldn’t you just seam up the v a little bit so that it wouldn’t be so deep?
I hope that helps ya hun!!:knitting: :thumbsup:

What about a camisole effect? Instead of just wearing a camisole under it, maybe knit a lacy triangle or square (from the same yarn or white), and sew it in as part of the top.

Wish I could find a picture of what I mean.

I agree with seaming the neck higher. I ran into the same problem with different sweater and I single crocheted around three times. Unfortunately, I still have to wear a cami under it.

If you don’t crochet, I’d pick up and knit around the edge.


Or run some matching narrow ribbon through the neckline and gather it in to where you want it. I’ve used the lace panel idea too, and it also works.

Thank you! You guys are so great! I decided to pick up stitches and add a neckband. I don’t know how this is going to turn but… well… live and learn! :wink: The problem I think is going to be that this sweater is made out of cotton… and that fiber shows every little mistake you make!
It is like the Harlot says on her book, we knitters end up wearing something that don’t fit but with pride cause we knit it! hehehe
ps: I have to keep in mind that I don’t look like the models on the magazine and even if what they are wearing looks great on them it may not be the same with me! :wink:

Here is what I did. Still need to weave in ends. Thank you for your help! Now is something I can wear:woot:

Wow, that really turned out nice! You’d never know it wasn’t designed to have the neck band.

Great job!! :thumbsup:

Looks great! :thumbsup:

Very nice! You did a good job on it.

That looks really good. You did a good job of shaping the vee in the front so that the bottom of the vee looks nice. How does it work when it is on? Does it solve the problem in a pleasing way?

Wow!! You did a beautiful job with the neckband, looks like it was meant to be there.

[QUOTE=suzeeq;1110135]You could pick up stitches for a neckband, but you could also start the split for the V a couple inches higher or wherever you want it to be.

I’ve been trying to find an answer about modifying necklines and saw this response of yours to a poster’s question related to a sweater already finished. But my question is about changing the neckline depth on any sweater while in the process of knitting - no specific pattern in mind. I just don’t like plunging necklines.

Is it really as straightforward as beginning neck shaping sooner than instructed in the pattern on a top-down sweater and starting the shaping later than instructed on a bottom-up sweater?

Any assistance much appreciated.

  • Nancy

For a top down V neck incs are started at the beginning, most of the time on every 4th row. That ends up a couple inches above the underarms on me. If you want it higher than that, you would do them every other or every 3rd row. For a bottom up, begin the decs further up and also adjust the frequency to every other or every 3rd row. Remember that if you’re going to put a neckband on, that’s going to make the actual edge an inch higher too.

Fabulous fix! That looks really good, do you like the fit better now? If it still is too big you could still tuck a little lacy insert in at the bottom.

Thank you very much. This is a big help, and yes - I understand a neckband would affect the depth.
So if the neckline is other than a v-neck - say a scoop, e.g. - I would essentially do the same thing - i.e., adjust frequency of decreases?

Again - thanks for your quick and helpful response. A Ravelry member suggested I post my question here because she said the Mods are very active and very helpful. She was right. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the compliments, we do like to be helpful, that’s one reason we get chosen as moderators.

Yes, if you want to raise another type of neckline, either start it higher on the front and/or change the shaping.