Help with sweater...PLEEEASE!

I’ve got a trial verson of Knitwear Sweater Designer and I am testing a toddler/baby sweater.

To start I CO 44 stitches so here is what it says:

Ragland Yoke
1.With size 10 needles work raglan shaping as follows: inc 1 st both sides of each raglan marker on every 3rd round once, then every 2nd round 8 times. Total 120 sts.

[color=red]First of all when they say every 3rd round do they mean count from the last increase? Like this:

1 inc
2 k
3 k
4 inc

Or what?? and the same with every second round with one row of k in between?

I also find my math is either off or theirs is. [/color]

2. Split the yoke into front, back and sleeve sections as follows: Place each section between markers onto separate holders, leaving back sts on needle. There should be 38 sts for the back and front sections , and 22 sts for each sleeve.

[color=red]I get 116 sts after the specified number of increases. Am I adding wrong?[/color]

I would increase:

2inc etc.

The total increase rows, from what it says is 9, and at 8 increases each–that comes to 72. 72 + 44 equals 116 for me, too.

I suspect the pattern is wrong. Maybe you should cast on 48 stitches?

If you take the total you’re supposed to end up with and subtract the 18 increases from each section, you should have had 48 to start with.

I can’t help with the math part of it, b/c I’m not sure I’m reading it right.

But as far as the increases go, yeah, you count three rows from the last increase - that third row is the next increase round. Same thing with the next one - think every two rows is the same as every other row. One row inc, one row even, next row inc, next row even and so on a total of 8 times.

How many stitches are you starting with? It looks to me like you’re increasing a total of 20 stitches, so are you starting with 100?

If this is the case and there’s nothing else between #1 and #2, then, yeah, I think there’s something off, because 76 and 44 only make 110. But I’ve been wrong before!

ETA: Hah, I knew Ingrid would beat me to it! And I also knew I read it wrong!

Thanks Ingrid! I guess I could start over, but I think I’ll wing it this time. I can add a few extra to the sleeve or something…it won’t matter there.

Wendie I started with 44. It’s a top down raglan. I think I got it, thanks!

Now back to work! Or play really… :wink:

I should just know better, right? Anytime I try to answer one of these types of questions, it’s just no good! :rofling:

Hi Jan and ladies,

I just saw this so I don’t know if my comment will be of any help…

I have worked on a pattern like this that called for more stitches on the front than in the back (3 extra stitches for each front) to compensate for the button band overlap.
So, if the back has 38 stitches, each front would have 22 instead of 19 stitches. The 3 first stitches and the 3 last ones were knitted in garter stitch for the bands.

Happy :XX: