Help with sweater pattern

I’m trying to knit a sweater and I’m stuck trying to figure out what to do next. The instructions say “Cut yarn and place 36 side body stitches onto a holder, or spare yarn. Place 24 sts from yoke onto a separate holder or spare yarn”. I’m using circular needles and I don’t know where the “24 sts from yoke” are. I just finished knitting the side body and I have 76 stitches on my needle. Do i just divide the sts that I have now and place them on separate holders? If someone could help me out that would be great.

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What is the pattern name and a link if you have it? It helps to visualize if we can see it. (I know the link may not work since you’re new, but typing it out we can still get to it)

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I edited my thread, hopefully you can help me out. thank you.

Thank you. It’s always best when asking questions to have as much info as possible. :wink: I added the actual link and will reference which part you are talking about so others can help easier, too.
Left side body, Rows 43-50

I need to look closer at the instructions because I’m not sure why it’s being done this way either…I’ll get back to you.

It sounds like you’re knitting the smallest size (36 body sts and 24 yoke sts). If so you should have 60sts on the needle. Place 36sts counting from the bottom edge of the sweater on a holder or scrap yarn and then place the remaining 24sts which are at the yoke or neck end of the sweater on another st holder. The following directions are for the provisional cast on for the sleeve which is eventually joined to the 24 yoke sts (row 5 of sleeve directions).

If you’ve increased the number of sts to 76sts in order to accomodate your gauge, then just divide those sts proportionately
(46sts for body and 30sts for the yoke)