Help with Sweater pattern

I am now attempting my adult sweater pattern (Of the Sea by Drops Design). I think I understand all the instructions, except for one that has be befuddled in the sleeve section, which states:

Cast on 60 sts on dp needles; join and place a marker at the join. Knit 2 rows stockinette st, then knit rib (p3, k3) over all sts. When piece measures 10 cm, change to *K6, P6 rib as on the body - start at marker with P3 so that the marker is centered in a P6. When piece measures 11 cm increase 1 st on both sides of the P6 containing the marker every 3.5 cm a total of 12 times (knit increased sts in the rib as you go along i.e. P first 6 inc sts, knit next 6 sts) = 84. When piece measures 52 cm bind off 6 sts each side of marker + 72 sts.

My questions are:

  1. Do I make the 2 inc sts in the P6 with the marker?
  2. Do the instructions mean that on the next round after the increase I will only P6 in the P6 where the marker is and then K6 on either side which would shift the P6 K6 pattern or should I just K (7, 8, 9, etc.) to maintain the pattern?

Thanks for any input or suggestions.

I would make the 2 inc sts on either side of the P6 that contains the marker. The increase would be at the first and the last (the 6th) sts of that P6 i.e. 3sts on either side of the marker. Work those sts as purl sts. That’ll give you 8 purl sts, 4 on either side of the marker after the first increase.

Keep increasing until you have 18 purl sts, 9 on each side of the marker. Make the increases at the same sts, the original 1st and 6th sts. For the next increases, work the increased sts as knit sts. In the end you will have 6-stitch purl and knit bands the “grow” out of the center purl band. You don’t want to shift the columns of knits and purls.

I’m sorry, I am still confused. My understanding of the pattern is that there are 2 increases done every 3.5 cm so if I follow the pattern and do my first increase at 11 cm the next increase will be at 14.5 and so on, and in doing the calculation the last increase would be at 49.5 cm when I would have 84 stitches, the next step was “when piece measures 52 cm bind off 6 sts at each side of marker.” What confused me about the pattern was “knit the increased sts in the rib as you go along i.e. P first 6 inc sts, K next 6 sts”, but if I “knit the increased sts as I go along” …? If I follow your explanation I understand it to mean I would only knit the increase stitches once I have made 18 increased sts? The only other thing that I can come up with is that I should do the the first 2 increased stitches on either side of the marker, then knit those increased stitches for the next 3.5 cm, and when I do my next increase it would be on either side of the “knitted increased sts” then this knitted band would grow until I have 6 knitted stitches, then I would purl the increased stitches to have the have the 3P on either side of the new band become 6P. On either side and the rest of the sleeve would be k6 p6. Does this make sense and is it doable?

The pattern at this point is K6, P6 rib. Yes, you can work the increases as you suggest on either side of the marker rather than in stitches 1 and 6.

The consideration with doing it that way is that you are splitting the P6 band containing the marker into 2 purl 3 bands separated by increases in knit (assuming I’m understanding your question). If that’s ok, then do it that way. Almost anything that you do here as long as it’s symmetrical, will work.

Thanks, since it will be on the inside of the arm it won’t be so apparent, it is the only thing that makes sense to me, I can’t seem to wrap my head around the pattern or your explanation. Fingers crossed.

For me, it helps to draw it out but your method is going to work just fine. I like the look of stitches growing out of the center line and as I mentioned, since it’s symmetrical, it’ll look good.

So I got through one sleeve and managed to attached to the body. I am now working on the other which should take no time, haha. However, have been trying to decipher the “Raglan Shaping” portion and I am so frustrated because I can’t make sense of where “they want the decreases to be”.

So once my sleeves are attached I should have 360 stitches and once I complete all the decreases and bind offs I should have 80 stitches with 32 on a holder (don’t know if these 32 are included in the 80). My calculations are not working and this is slowing down me wanting to finish the sleeve.

  1. “Dec every other row “…-25” times and every row “…-5” times” Does this mean for the first 6 rows I decrease and then every other row starting at Row 12 to Row 50?

  2. I am then suppose to put 32 stitches on a holder (center front), and then knit the remaining stitches (80?) back and forth with a "bind off every other row: 2sts 1 time and 1st 2 times. Then I am supposed to be left with 80 does this include the 32 stitches on the holder.

This pattern looked so straightforward when I started and now I am 3/4 of the way into it and am ready to cry.

I really have to get this done as I have 3 friends with babies or grandkids on the way and they all want something. The first one is due in April 2018.

Thanks for any help or suggestions.

OK, these can be frustrating but the pattern will work out. You got the body and a sleeve so why not the rest. I’ve had the same feeling if it’s any consolation. Usually for me it’s, “A fine mess you’ve gotten yourself into now!”

You have 360sts. Decrease before and after each marker** (8sts decreased per decrease round).
Decrease every other round 25 times (round 1,3,5,7,9,11…47,49.) That’s 200 sts decreased.

Next decrease every round 5 times (50,51,52,53,54). That’s another 40sts decreased.

At the same time (this is important!) when the knitting measures 64cm put the center front 32sts on a holder for the neck. These sts are now out of the calculation of live sts. You’ll be knitting back and forth now. Bind off at the neck edges every other row 2sts once, one stitch once, one stitch once. Since you can really only bind off at the beginning of the row, you’ll be binding off 2sts at the beginning of a RS row, 2sts at the beg of a WS row, one stitch on the RS row, one on the WS, one on the RS and one on the WS.

360 - 200 - 40 - 32 - 8 = 80sts

These yoke finishes are really fun because you’re decreasing so many sts every other round or every round. The work goes faster and faster as you knit (unlike top down at this point).

**ETA Although the directions say to decrease before and after each marker, the photo clearly looks like the decreases leave about a 6 stitch rib at the raglan join. So the decreases would be 5sts before the marker, dec the next 2sts, knit 3, slip marker, knit 3, dec the next 2sts. Anyway you decide to work this will be fine.