Help with Sweater in the round pattern

First, thanks to Amy and Sheldon for this amazing site. It has helped enormously.

I am a relatively new knitter but have successfully done hats, socks, a wide variety of stitches and cables. I am attempting my first sweater knitted in the round (neck down) from an Ann Norling Pattern.

I have successfully completed part one which consists of casting on and a series of increases in sections for “right front, right sleeve, back, left sleeve, left front.”

The next section is the Yoke and it calls for CO 12 sts at beg of row for center neck. I have never cast on additional stitches after a pattern was in progress so I am confused as to the process. Do you use the existing working yarn for the CO? Or cut and start anew?

Thx for any clarification.

Use the working yarn and a cable or knitted cast on. Switch the needle end that has the yarn to your left hand, cast on (pretend you already cast on the existing sts on the needle) and switch the needle back to the right hand and continue the round.

Thanks! I think I have sorted this out. I have only used long tail CO and was confused about how to do that as an add-on to existing work. But once again Amy’s video’s to the rescue - I used the “Knit-on” CO and it all fell into place. At least I think so :wink: